DYNAMIC DENTAL PARTNERS (DDP) is an experienced leading edge dental practice management company founded by dentists. DDP provides traditional private fee-for-service dental offices with sophisticated management information systems, training and management expertise in addition to planned expansion.

The DDP partners
have significant experience from having executed in the dental industry a large business plan with a national dental practice management company from 2003 through 2008. Dr. Alex Giannini is also an experienced industry investor and entrepreneur and has created and sold a number of successful business ventures.

DDP acquires, develops, renovates, consolidates and partners with dental practices through its integrated dental care delivery systems. Affiliated dental offices develop excellent patient relationships driven by doctors striving for clinical excellence and a best practices approach to patient choices without increased cost or quality restrictions. DDP strives to maximize the integration of patient relationships, dental technologies and modern business efficiencies.

Our advantages
simple principles of service
Your PracticeWhether you are a start-up practice or a small group looking to grow, Dynamic Dental Partners (DDP) can help to increase your profitability, deliver human resources management including staff recruitment, position your practice for growth and security, develop your unique identity, and establish the systems and procedures that will support your needs.

If your are an established practice looking to become more, DDP can help by creating a successful marketing campaign, developing your human resources to be the leaders you need, putting the technology in place that can handle your growth, and alleviating those administrative headaches so you can concentrate on your vision.